CEO Hyundai Mong Hyun Yoon turut berpuasa bersama pekerja


Ketua pegawai eksekutif Hyundai Mong Hyun Yoon telah menulis surat kepada pekerja pemasangan kereta di kilang Hyundai Assan di Turki bahawa beliau akan turut berpuasa bersama mereka. 


Hyundai Assan-1


“Sama seperti tahun lepas, saya mahu turut berpuasa bersama kakitangan Hyundai Assan untuk merasa apa yang mereka rasa dan memahami mereka,” kata Mong. 


Mong hairan bagaimana pekerjanya mampu menahan dahaga dan lapar sewaktu bekerja untuk masa yang panjang. Beliau kagum kerana mereka dapat menjalankan tugas walaupun dengan kepayahan.


Hyundai Assan-2


“Saya mahu mengatakan disini betapa bangganya saya melihat kamu semua sanggup (berpuasa) dengan tenang. Melihat pekerja-pekerja berpuasa semasa waktu syif mereka telah membuat saya turut besimpati dengan manusia yang tidak mampu dan meminta, iaitu sebahagian dari ajaran-ajaran penting dalam Al-Quran,” jelas Mong dalam suratnya.



Maksud surat diatas (dalam bahasa Inggeris):


Dear HOAS Family:


We have started one of Islam’s 5 pillars, fasting in the month of Ramadhan. In the hijri calendar, Ramadhan is the 9th month. I know it as the month Gabriel aleyhi salaam (upon him be peace) started bringing the verses of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad sallahu aleyhi wasalaam (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).


I heard in this month from sunrise to sunset, food and water including even cigarettes is forbidden. As of last year, to be one with the HAOS family in their thoughts and understand them, I decided to take fasting as a habit.


Although I didn’t feel much in the first few days, as days went by I started really looking forward to the time of the opening of the fasting.


Whilst I was in the office and seeing the difficulty of the fast (among staff), our assembly line was fasting without any water and as a foreigner this left me in awe. I wanted to express my joy and I’m proud of you. The thing that has shocked me the most is that you fast without seeing fasting as a chore and you show the willingness to fulfil it as an obligation.


From seeing my fasting colleagues I understood the Quranic subjects of the poor and the needy, especially with the experience of my own fasts. There are a lot of people around us who work on low incomes. These people do what they do because of us, they do the work we do not want to. With the blessings of Ramadhan I hope we recognize these people and thank them and I hope it is a Ramadhan where we learn to share with them. .


I am happy to announce that to make your work easier in this month of Ramadhan we are taking certain steps. One of these steps is the cheques being distributed to ensure we can aid you in your household shopping for iftar.


Another step is distribution of selective cheques. On the assembly line to ensure the safety of the workers and their ease.


Special developments are taking place such as designated extra break areas and menus for fasting food .


I request you abide by the safety measures and the advice for those partaking in Ramadhan.


I hope at the end of this holy month it is a festival in which all the family of HOAS celebrates with smiles.


May Ramadhan bring blessings to your houses and goodness to your families.


Mong Hyun Yoon


Mong juga berkata bahawa Hyundai akan mempermudahkan kepayahan pekerja pada bulan Ramadan, termasuk memberi baucar membeli barang-barang dapur.



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